Presentation Groups

We will sign up for presentation groups here. If you don’t have a group, comment in the reply post to team up with a group in the week you would like!

Week 3: January 21 – What is Space?
Group: Dori Julian, Nick Frai, Ashley Plescia & Kamelia Dore

Week 4: January 28 – Mapping
Group: Joelle Cytrynbaum, Matt Dessner, Béatrice Viens Côté

Week 5: February 4   –Artists: their bodies as/in space(s)
Group: Lorrie Edmonds, Zara Domingues, Noémie Boisclair, Ana Patricia Bourgeois

Week 6: February 11 – Sexualities / Spaces
Group: J.F., Jessica McKnight, Daniel Bedard,

Week 7: February 18 – “O Canada, our home & native land / God, keep our land glorious & free!” indigenous bodies & stolen lands
Group: Danika , Tatiana Kalantzis, Marie-Helene,

Week 8: February 25 NO CLASS

Week 9: March 4 –  Mobile Media/Art
Group: Samuel, Rory Warnock, Dan Bevc

Week 10: March 11 Online Bodies
Group: Danica, Garrett, Gabie, Evan Smith, Fiona

Week 11: March 18  – Critical Disability Analysis

Week 12: March 25   – Which bodies? Which sounds where? Quebec Student Strike
Group: Mirelle Lupovici, Anne-Mettte, Catherine Poitras, Devon Sevy

Week 13: April 1 – Hyperstition  – Creating New Worlds for Us to Exist
Group: Lisa Suliteanu, Cathleen Evans, Anna Medvetskaya, Sarah Bibeau


  1. Hello everyone!! I am new in the class and I will need a team for the group presentations. I am interested to work on “creating new worlds for us to exist”. Can I join the team already scheduled for April 1st?? You won’t regret it! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Noemie. you sign into your wordpress account, choose coms324, get to the presentation groups tab, and click edit at the bottom of the page. Zara Domingues is also in our group. let’s make it amazing!


    1. Hi @devsevy, you are in my presentatention group for next Wednesday, march 25th. Do you mind sending me your email so i can add you to the google docs.
      Thank you.


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