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Post 3 Butt Selfie

-You may not post violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive photos or other content via the Service.

The above sentence is the second Basic term on the Instagram Terms of Use page.  Have a look see:

I came across an article from last year that describes one woman’s encounter with Instagram user backlash about her supposed “mature” and “inappropriate” photo that she had posted. The photo that she had posted was an innocent simple Butt Selfie appreciating her “booty”.  The user, Meghan Tonjes’ photo was flagged by another user for obscene content.  It was reviewed by Instagram and promptly taken down without an explanation or reason. Meghan had posted the photo without the intention of causing a stir however, controversy did not evade her.

Within the article, Meghan Tonjes’ situation is compared with that of very popular Instagram user and butt selfie queen Jen Selter.  Jen Selter has accumulated over 5 million followers on her Instagram account by posting Butt Selfies that she claims are for workout motivation. Her instagram and booty popularity has given her a career in modelling and essentially a position in marketing health products.

Jen Selter is definitely not the only case where an Instagram Celebrity has created a career for themselves by posting sexually suggestive photos for entertainment. According to the second Basic Term on Instagram’s website I thought people were not allowed to post such things.  There has to be some clarity when it comes to what can be and what cannot be posted.  There is a ton of grey area when discussing the parameters of explicit content on Instagram, how is one supposed to know what is appropriate and what is not when there are so many accounts and photos on Instagram that are posting and sharing “Mature Content”. Is it because Meghan Tonjes’ photo did not fall under the category of modelling that it was taken down? Or was it because she is not in the same kind of fit “acceptable” shape that her Instagram counter parts are? Is Instagram making money off of people who create careers for themselves by gathering a massive following and is that why they do not conform to their second Basic Term of use?

I wonder what would happen if Jen Selter would post her first Butt Selfie today instead of a couple of years ago and if her photos would be flagged or taken down in any way?

In any case, Meghan Tonjes did not appreciate the way her situation was handled by Instagram.  She has since received an apology from the Social Media Site and continues to post proud photos of herself embracing her humanness and love for the human experience.  She wrote as the caption on one of her photos:

“Yo, @instagram. This is a body. I’d apologize if it makes you uncomfortable, but I don’t particularly care about your warped definition of nudity or mature content. Please let me know if when my genitals are completely covered and I’m not doing anything sexual, how much skin is allowed to be seen and how responsible I am for the sexual lust inspired in people who view said body. You created a platform for people to share the human experience through photos. Here’s the human experience. :)”

All Meghan wanted to do was post her own Butt Selfie the same way a lot of other accounts around the Intagram do. I guess the Instagram space has unwritten rules about what body type is good and what body type is not.  Unfortunately, as Meghan Tonjes found out, her Butt Selfie was not.



My Re-Orientation

20150227_113623  My view from the back of the cube van.

This past week I had encountered my favorite space in a way that I have never before.   Unloading the cargo hold of a box filled cube van.  You could say it was timed perfectly in helping me write this blog post.  I had the honor of helping transfer around two hundred boxes from the back of this cube van to the basement of my family run store. It was the first time that I had ever experienced this. It was different from just being a visitor at the store. I actually was involved in a lived experience which deals with a certain fundamental of the store.  This time I was not a pedestrian or an observer on St-Laurent I was an integral figurative moving part for a few hours.

I had experience what it was like to be on Boulevard St-Laurent but I did so from the back of a truck.  I felt like I was not on the street, for some reason I felt like what I was doing somehow separated itself from the environment of the street.  It felt like I was in a separate frame of mind.  Through this experience I realized that depending on what you are doing and how you are interacting with a space, your evaluation of the space changes. I know from years of being there and practically growing up there what it feels like to be a sales person, a visitor even a customer but being a family member has its perks. However, the entire day that I was there unloading this cube van, I felt that the path I had to follow while transferring the boxes into the store limited to where I was able to walk.  It was as if some kind of invisible wall had restricted my access to the rest of the street until I had finished unloading the truck.  Another new thing I had done after unloading the truck was have lunch at the recently opened Indian restaurant which practically neighbours the location where I grew up.

My experience of the area that I am most comfortable in had been slightly different than my usual experience, although I was still as comfortable as I can be.  I felt like something new was presented to me and that the next time I would do something of that caliber I would feel completely familiar and aware.  Where I can say my lived experience had opened up doors and new ways of seeing Boulevard St- Laurent that I never have before.


My First Post

Yo class my name is Devon Sevy . I was born and raised in Montreal. I grew up living in Laval which is a small city just north of the Island of Montreal until the age of 12. It was then that my family decided to move to the West Island, which is essentially the west side of Montreal. For those of you who are not familiar with Montreal that well, I could describe the West Island as being a completely different city (it is not).  There is a different kind of mentality among the people who live in the West Island, its like they are sort of scared of the rest of the city and never go anywhere claiming it is way too far, the ironic thing is that most people who do live in the West Island have cars and drive and yet think everything is far. The West has a more laid back atmosphere and is mostly made up of houses and residential areas, great for going on extremely long bike rides, which I love doing.


Most of the time I try creating anything I can think of. I constantly have ideas floating around in my head that I have to accomplish. Sometimes, I actually want to do so many things at once that I have to take a step back and regulate my thought processes.  The things I usually work on coincidentally require WordPress. I’m currently in the midst of building a couple of websites that require hours of input and attention.  I also enjoy writing stories and short screenplays, they are a great way to create any scenario I may come up with. Anything is possible when it comes to both creating websites and writing fiction, I think that is why I enjoy them.

My goal in this class, like most other classes I take, is to learn as much as I can from others. I would like to potentially come away with a lasting knowledge of the topics we are going to be discussing and dissecting.

My family has owned a store on St Laurent Boulevard since the 1970’s right in the heart of downtown Montreal.  As a child, I would often spend countless days and hours with my family in the store on that street and in that area.  I even go there today all the time and still spend hours there interacting with the people and the environment that is St Laurent Boulevard. I feel safely at home there. It is a place where anything can happen and where the unusual and unexpected usually take place. I have a weird connection with that street and how everything works I’ve learned so much by spending time on that street, I like to compare it to a carousel of knowledge that never stops spinning.





1. Make reading tons of information critical parts of courses.

2. Long classes.

3. Exams which test memory better that what we have actually learned.

4. Not realizing that skills and just naturally knowing a lot of things is more important than grades.

5. GPA


1. Easy interaction with other people.

2. The online resources that are available on the Concordia website.

3. Providing facilities that will help students achieve certain goals.

4. Allowing for students to just be themselves and explore endless possibilities.

5. Realizing that everyone is unique.