Mis-Guide to Concordia University

Assignment 1:  Mis-Guide to Concordia university (25%)

this has been generously adapted from Jason Farman

On a typical weekday on our campus, you’ll see people rushing from class to class. They leave point A to hurry to point B. Sometimes, this will be interrupted by large groups of future students and their families slowly meandering to each highlight on campus (from the Library Building to the plants on the steps of CJ). This project is about a different way of journeying through the campus. It is about teaching people a different way to tour, to walk, to wheel, and to learn about this space.

Ultimately, a “mis-guide” is a psychogeographic tour guide that leads people through a space by using various games, tactics, and projects that offer new perspectives on an often-familiar locale. Consider the different ways people move through space with their bodies (e.g., if they are in a wheelchair, if they cannot see, etc.) The “tour book” can take many forms, but must include a visual/creative component. This can be, but is not limited to: a drawn psychogeographic map; a tour guide; short video; series of Vines; zine; soundwalk; webpage; a 3d map; a photo essay; a google map; a book of poetry as a map; a story as a map, etc. You must offer them, at minimum, a five-stage tour of campus. (this includes the beginning and end plus three points of interest in-between). There should be at least five points of interest in your tour guide. Your goal is to get your users to view things in a new way; thus, it is important to disrupt the idea of the traditional tour of campus. Draw on the class readings to date to ground your analysis. Your written component should be 2-4 pages. Assignments will be posted on the class blog by the due date. In teams of two.

For this assignment, each team must also try out and then write a short 200-300 word review of a fellow group’s mis-guide. This review should address the aspects of the mis-guide that were effective and any suggestions for improvement. Be specific and use examples of the mis-guide’s points. Your mis-guide and must be complete and posted on the blog by 11 Feb 1:15pm. The review must be posted by 17 Feb, 8pm.

Sample Ideas to Include:

  • sound walk
  • Using GPS, spell out your name across the expanse of campus — where does this take you?
  • Run/Stroll (run anytime you’re heading north/south, stroll anytime you’re heading east/west…run when no one is around, stroll when you see someone)
  • Change directions every minute
  • Walk a specific latitude or longitude, regardless of what gets in the way
  • Walk along Sherbrooke and photograph every sign you come across
  • Follow a new person every 2 minutes
  • Tour of ads
  • Tour of student life (e.g., the vending machines on campus as dining facilities)
  • A student guide to studying in the library (move every 15 minutes to a new floor and a new part of the library)
  • Scenes from a memorable past of campus
  • color walk

coms324-Misguide rubric

Some how-to inspiration:

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