Group Presentation


You can post questions in the reply box here. I encourage you to communicate among each other regarding questions and concerns.

As a group you will write a response based on the readings for the week you choose. You must include ALL the readings assigned for that week in your presentation. You can also tie in previous readings to strengthen your arguments. You might choose to focus on a concept from the readings that you are still not clear on. Or you might choose to expand on a topic that came up. Or you might delve into something you disagree with in the readings. If you have another direction you want to go in for your response, feel free to pursue it. Including some media examples to substantiate your 20 minute (max) presentation is welcome. Before 8pm the night before your presentation your group will make a cohesive blog post (500-600 words including your 2-3 questions for class discussion). You will choose your group (4-5 people) and section on the first day of class.

*On your blog post: Please post your full names and follow the blog instructions as outlined*

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