Final Project- Exploring the Experience of a Feline Café (Café Chat L’Heureux)

Through a short documentary of my visit on the first cat café in North America, Café Chat L’Heureux, I composed a short interview with the owner of the café, and captured imagery of the space and the felines to explore the concept and effects of détournement of the public space of a coffee house or café. I demonstrate how a café for felines is an interesting example of Lefebvre’s notion of differential space; in this case, a public space that was produced by reconstructing the original idea of a modern day café designed only for human bodies, and how the social atmosphere changes when it is also the home for feline bodies.These changes include regulations that people need to be conscious of that differ from cafés without felines. I explore the ways in which felines enhance the environment and experience of a café for human customers, through the construction and aesthetic atmosphere and rules in the café, as well as the roles that both human and feline bodies play in this public environment when interacting with one another.  


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