Final Project: doriwatch

Just as the most popular original cam girls’ websites (JenniCam, AnaCam, etc.) in the early ages of the Internet, DoriWatch, a channel featuring a series of live broadcasts, allows viewers access into the private space of one of the project’s creators, Dori Julian’s, bedroom on a daily basis. Viewers are able to watch and contact her in real-time through an online chat function, or by email.

The project aims to compare the differences between the public’s interests in making private space and bodies’ public on the web, during the rise of cam girls in the 1990’s, as opposed to now.The project also aims to understand the phenomenon of representing private space online through both a viewer’s and a broadcaster’s perspective.

Through this experimental social, media-based project, we have developed an informed standpoint on the “realness” and gradual banality of these unedited broadcasts.  The project explores issues of interest such as authenticity, the relationship between surveillance and self-surveillance, technology’s involvement in making such private content publicly available, etc.


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