Final Project: Aéroportraits

Aéroportraits, as seen on The project Aéroportraits (translated as “Airportraits” in English) aims to explore Montreal-Trudeau Airport through its various components, such as its design and its people. Indeed, airports are not simply a dot on a geographical map; they are also well thought constructions that come alive thanks to humans. In order to justify the valuable humans’ presence in that space, I decided to lead a discussion with strangers and collect a myriad of airport stories. The conversations were triggered by asking them to tell me about a moment they either experienced or witnessed at the airport and that they would never forget. Thanks to the photographic technique of double exposure, I completed the stories by combining portraits of interviewees with the various surrounding décors. The idea was to create confusion between body and space, two fundamental terms of the course. Moreover, some contradictions seem necessary to airports’ performance. As architect and engineer Daniel Estevez writes, “The airport is often shown as a milieu in tension. […] It is closed but opened, public but private, delimited but proliferating, in operation but under construction, coercive but fun” (23); such contradictions thus constituted the basis to my project. The hoped-for and final objectives were to perceive airports with a more human perspective, or more specifically, as thirdspaces, and to expose how dualism is intrinsic to that space, by, in the meantime, exploring notions of surveillance.

Aéroportraits 7 - Surprise pour le cousin

A project by Béatrice Viens Côté


Source: Estevez, Daniel. Aéroports, représentations et expérimentations en architecture. Paris: L’Harmattan, 2012. Print.


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