Post 3 Butt Selfie

-You may not post violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive photos or other content via the Service.

The above sentence is the second Basic term on the Instagram Terms of Use page.  Have a look see:

I came across an article from last year that describes one woman’s encounter with Instagram user backlash about her supposed “mature” and “inappropriate” photo that she had posted. The photo that she had posted was an innocent simple Butt Selfie appreciating her “booty”.  The user, Meghan Tonjes’ photo was flagged by another user for obscene content.  It was reviewed by Instagram and promptly taken down without an explanation or reason. Meghan had posted the photo without the intention of causing a stir however, controversy did not evade her.

Within the article, Meghan Tonjes’ situation is compared with that of very popular Instagram user and butt selfie queen Jen Selter.  Jen Selter has accumulated over 5 million followers on her Instagram account by posting Butt Selfies that she claims are for workout motivation. Her instagram and booty popularity has given her a career in modelling and essentially a position in marketing health products.

Jen Selter is definitely not the only case where an Instagram Celebrity has created a career for themselves by posting sexually suggestive photos for entertainment. According to the second Basic Term on Instagram’s website I thought people were not allowed to post such things.  There has to be some clarity when it comes to what can be and what cannot be posted.  There is a ton of grey area when discussing the parameters of explicit content on Instagram, how is one supposed to know what is appropriate and what is not when there are so many accounts and photos on Instagram that are posting and sharing “Mature Content”. Is it because Meghan Tonjes’ photo did not fall under the category of modelling that it was taken down? Or was it because she is not in the same kind of fit “acceptable” shape that her Instagram counter parts are? Is Instagram making money off of people who create careers for themselves by gathering a massive following and is that why they do not conform to their second Basic Term of use?

I wonder what would happen if Jen Selter would post her first Butt Selfie today instead of a couple of years ago and if her photos would be flagged or taken down in any way?

In any case, Meghan Tonjes did not appreciate the way her situation was handled by Instagram.  She has since received an apology from the Social Media Site and continues to post proud photos of herself embracing her humanness and love for the human experience.  She wrote as the caption on one of her photos:

“Yo, @instagram. This is a body. I’d apologize if it makes you uncomfortable, but I don’t particularly care about your warped definition of nudity or mature content. Please let me know if when my genitals are completely covered and I’m not doing anything sexual, how much skin is allowed to be seen and how responsible I am for the sexual lust inspired in people who view said body. You created a platform for people to share the human experience through photos. Here’s the human experience. :)”

All Meghan wanted to do was post her own Butt Selfie the same way a lot of other accounts around the Intagram do. I guess the Instagram space has unwritten rules about what body type is good and what body type is not.  Unfortunately, as Meghan Tonjes found out, her Butt Selfie was not.



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