Blog Post 3 – space & bodies online

(400-600 words – due 8pm 31 march)

Please follow Blog Instructions. Don’t forget to place in proper category or else I will not see it. Commenting on posts by your colleagues is encouraged! This blog post was chosen because of the overwhelming interest by you in thinking about the internet and spaces and bodies. Worth 4% of your grade.

Context: How are ‘bodies’ and ‘space’ produced online and how do they enact the various themes of our course (whiteness, gender/identity performance, habit, phenomenology, orientation, queer phenomenology, ideology, surveillance/co-surveillance, mapping, locative art, conceptual art, augmented reality, sousveillance, race, colonialism, disability, digital dualism, authenticity, micro-celebrity, embodiment, sensory-inscribed body, sex work, Lefebvre’s three pronged approach to space, public/private, heterotopia, differential space, detournement, dérive, cyborg, etc.)

Prompt: Although they recently lifted their ban on exposed nipples in breastfeeding photos, Facebook continues to ban photos of nipples in general. Recently, a photo of fully-clothed artist, Rupi Kaur, displaying menstrual blood on her pants was removed and restored on Instagram. Using these examples as prompts, ones already posted on the blog or find your own, discuss how “space” exists online* through the following frames: conditions under which an image is taken; what sort of body is in the image, ways in which the image is described for viewers; Terms of Service contracts on providers/platforms where images are displayed; laws governing obscene/inappropriate material in various countries where images are stored, posted, viewed, and forwarded, and anything else you might think of.

Further questions to help you: Think about the space where this image is being stored, displayed, and/or currently being circulated. In the spirit of Lefebvre, who has designed these spaces? Who are the users? What are the current social practices of these spaces? Use theories we discussed in the course.

Please include one or two well-thought out questions in regards to what you wish to explore more, want to have a discussion about, or are trying to figure out.

*look at a specific social network or platform —Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat, Twitter, MySpace, Livejournal, Blogger, WordPress, Flickr, YouTube, etc. 


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