Online Identities & Real Life Repercussions

I remember being riveted when I read this article about people recovering from the shame, social pressure, and real-life professional repercussions of “mindlessly” posting on the internet. I think it fits in really well with ideas of digital dualism, mutliple online personalities, and the idea that different spaces are regulated differently by people. The article shows that there can be some thin lines between viral internet jokes and shaming campaigns, and maybe also that internet identities are now dangerously (or maybe rightfully so) linked to social pressure on corporations.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 4.45.08 PM

I’m curious to hear what you guys think, because the article made me question the satisfaction that I’d previously felt when people who made (admittedly more overt) racist coments were fired as a consequence. Has social media created a misled sense of self-righteous vigilante responsibility? Or do vigilantes’ power simply come from the fact that companies are now pressured to maintain a kind of social responsibility towards consumers?

Article here


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