As discussed earlier in class, the Instagram community guidelines are bizarre in the sense that they prioritize some images over others. There is no mention of violence, for example, but they would immediately censor sexual content. However, body parts can be shown in certain context like educational, marketing, or if it is beneficial for the community.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 5.05.26 PM

This last point made me think about the #loveyourlines Instagram page. The account has more than 106K followers and is a true inspiration for women all over the world who lives with stretch marks. When I think about the accounts where breastfeeding or even breast cancer survivors images gets shut down, I think about this page. The photos can sometimes be very graphic, but it is in no way sexual. It is to show real women, real bodies and spread self-love to others.

How can Instagram even think of shutting down this page? It is not even an option. Photos are being sent from very different kinds of women, from all ages, but they all share this one thing, and I think it is what makes it special.



  1. Thanks for sharing— this is definitely similar to the breastfeeding debate. Censorship is a complicated issue and Instagram often conflates different types of body expression and sharing to promote, as they say, a “comfortable experience.”

    You specify that this can’t be shut down because “It is to show real women, real bodies and spread self-love to others.” What is a body that is not real? A body with prosthetics? Plastic surgery? We must consider how we conceptualize bodies and interrogate the ideas of natural/beauty/etc.

    Inversely, what sorts of bodies are assumed to be sexual? Which ones are not? What would we consider a website with aging women? What is the reaction? Can a body be sexual in one space but not in another?

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  2. I mean, #loveyourlines display real women bodies compared to what we often see in the media: bodies that are digitally modified to enhance and sexualize women.

    I think we assume images to be sexual because of a certain amount of skin that is revealed, and in turn, makes it hard not to watch attentively.

    Thanks for making me reflect on this!!

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