My Re-Orientation

20150227_113623  My view from the back of the cube van.

This past week I had encountered my favorite space in a way that I have never before.   Unloading the cargo hold of a box filled cube van.  You could say it was timed perfectly in helping me write this blog post.  I had the honor of helping transfer around two hundred boxes from the back of this cube van to the basement of my family run store. It was the first time that I had ever experienced this. It was different from just being a visitor at the store. I actually was involved in a lived experience which deals with a certain fundamental of the store.  This time I was not a pedestrian or an observer on St-Laurent I was an integral figurative moving part for a few hours.

I had experience what it was like to be on Boulevard St-Laurent but I did so from the back of a truck.  I felt like I was not on the street, for some reason I felt like what I was doing somehow separated itself from the environment of the street.  It felt like I was in a separate frame of mind.  Through this experience I realized that depending on what you are doing and how you are interacting with a space, your evaluation of the space changes. I know from years of being there and practically growing up there what it feels like to be a sales person, a visitor even a customer but being a family member has its perks. However, the entire day that I was there unloading this cube van, I felt that the path I had to follow while transferring the boxes into the store limited to where I was able to walk.  It was as if some kind of invisible wall had restricted my access to the rest of the street until I had finished unloading the truck.  Another new thing I had done after unloading the truck was have lunch at the recently opened Indian restaurant which practically neighbours the location where I grew up.

My experience of the area that I am most comfortable in had been slightly different than my usual experience, although I was still as comfortable as I can be.  I felt like something new was presented to me and that the next time I would do something of that caliber I would feel completely familiar and aware.  Where I can say my lived experience had opened up doors and new ways of seeing Boulevard St- Laurent that I never have before.



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