Blog Post 2: Re-orientation Exercise

Re-Orientation Exercise by Frederique Rajotte

In my introductory blog post I chose to describe a specific room at my cottage. Since I am not able to visit the space regularly I have chosen a  series of pictures that date back to 10 years ago. In these pictures you will be able to see the re-construction process of the establishment. This house belonged to my grandfather, after his passing my family decided to turn it into a family cottage. An extension was built and became the wide-open room that I described to be my “favorite space”. My grandfather had produced the space on the outskirts of Val-David. My mother and her two brothers who inherited the space wanted to create a type of safe haven where family gatherings could take place. The cottage is fully equipped and winterized so it is accessible all year round.

The following definition of space, that was provided on the class slides, helps me put into perspective this specific space and to understand it’s history better “(space) is not static or universal but socially produced and subject to manipulation and change.” This is evident with my cottage because it has been through a series of manipulation and changes over a long period of time.

Accessing my cottage can be difficult. Many friends/family have gotten lost along the way since it is in a remote location outside of the village. Recently, we have put up a sign with our address that lights up because on many occasions people would miss the entrance and drive by it. Since it is located on private land there have been many issues of trespassing with strangers using our trails for snowmobiling or other activities. Therefore it is not accessible to everyone. As some of us have the power to use tactics through routes, others do not.

Here is a link to google maps below,-74.187068,3a,75y,283.35h,84.95t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1so-QGgc5UmgSXiKVbOzXR6Q!2e0!6m1!1e1

Original picture of my Grandfather’s house



DSCN2112 DSC_0217


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