The Mix-and-Match Misguide to Concordia University

Daniel mixnmatchBedard and Jessica McKnight

Below are the instructions to our game (activity sheets are not included – only available in physical copy):

Main Instruction Page-page-001


The reason we chose to make our tour a game was to create a sense of randomness and fun; however, we understand that, depending on a person’s level of shyness or anxiety, they may not want to participate in some of the required actions. While embarrassment is certainly not our goal, we would like to have people become slightly more self-reflexive when it comes to how they carry themselves in public spaces such as this university. One of our primary concerns is the possibility of others reacting negatively to what our participants will be doing. Still, regardless of the outcome, others’ reactions are something we want to explore. Regarding campus security, for instance, we would like to discover how authority reacts to things that some might consider irregular in these spaces.



  1. The Mix N’ Match Misguide, created by Daniel Bedard and Jessica McKnight, warns users in it’s instructions to “prepare to be kind of embarrassed.” This disclaimer was much appreciated as we began to make our way around the campus, switching from location to location and taking turns completing ridiculous, and often hilarious, tasks far out of the realm of our usual campus activities. We both had separate lists of activities that we tried our best to hide from the other individual, and ourselves, until the moment our counterpart picked a number and we had to complete that action on the spot. The list found us spinning in circles in the G lounge, doing the macarena in a CJ bathroom, meditating in the library, taking a nap in 4.320, sneaking around like a ninja in CC, and high fiving strangers by the Security Desk in the science building. We recorded all of our adventures, mainly in stills and a few time lapse videos, and uploaded them to the provided Instagram account.

    Our interaction with the Mix N’ Match Misguide was a positive one – facilitating a frivolous experience of the campus. The instructions were a tad confusing at times, for example it said that the tour would be comprised of five locations but then listed six. However, for the most part, the creators did the best they could writing out a guideline- making up for the lack of eye contact or acting out that might come from face to face instructions with vivid language. Because we completed the guide in the evening a lot of the spaces we travelled through were not highly occupied – perhaps decreasing some of the intense embarrassment that Daniel and Jessica had warned us of. Depending on the desired effect, perhaps specifying that the guide must be completed in broad daylight could create a more intense outcome. Although we may not see the campus in an entirely different light, our experience undoubtedly served to highlight the restrictions we put on ourselves as we move through the campus following a strict set of conventions about how to interact and exist in different spaces. For example, meditating in the library had never been an instantaneous instinct, however it will now remain in the realm of possibility during late nights in Vanier. Overall, this was an extremely enjoyable experience and was greatly appreciated amidst the mid-term tedium.

    – Danica and Cathleen

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