Mis-Guide to Concordia University. Scavenger Hunt!

Mis-Guide to Concordia University

On a daily basis, many students move within their school ground restricting themselves to a small space in which they are familiar and comfortable with. These students go without knowing the other campus buildings that surround them on a daily basis. Therefore, for our mis-guide to Concordia University we have decided to create a scavenger hunt game where students from Concordia go on an interactive or solo tour of the Loyola campus. They must visit eight different campus buildings, and must document proof of their visit by taking a picture with their electronic devices (cell-phone or camera). The student(s) will have to do a specific activity when taking this picture, a different activity for each building.  The student(s) will be given a set of clues which will help them find the next campus building location they should visit.

This game should be performed in such matter to make the students become aware of the many different school grounds they are surrounded by everyday. This will help highlight the campus ground and project a different view of being in a school space. By taking a photograph, the students are marking their placement within this space. By having to follow a specific order in which they must visit each building, the student(s) will be more likely to be lead into this space rather than it being their choice. Our main goal is that the student(s) will not follow into a traditional tour within the campus, but rather they will be interactively learning about the different buildings, thinking which building has the clues characteristics, and digitally marking their space within their school grounds. We hope that the student(s) will be able to view their school campus in a new form, by remembering a buildings location by knowing its fun facts, or by simply looking at their photograph that marks their space within the campus.

By: Mirelle Lupovici & Ashley Plescia 


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  1. Guide by Ashley Plescia and Mirelle Lupovici

    This mis-guide was very effective in changing the way we toured the Loyola campus. Through the medium of a scavenger hunt, we moved throughout the campus freely and joyfully as we searched for each clue. The normally serious space transformed into a playful game, free of its usual worries. In each space we were instructed to perform specific tasks that were very unusual for the given spaces. This drove us out of our comfort zones and allowed us to feel relaxed and silly.

    We had trouble finding the mention was clue # it was, CJLO building, which was a result of unclear instructions on which part of the psych building to go to. This caused us to get lost and have to skip to the next page to re-orient ourselves. If the instructions were clearer on where exactly to go, the hunt would have been more successful and seamless. ‘

    Some suggestions for improvement for this type of medium would be to give clearer and more realistic directions. For example, this particular sentence “find something that makes you look like a seal”, we found that this did not relate well to the space and found it hard to participate. If the actions were more specific to the space and engaged with specific elements of the space, for example: go towards the table and pick up this object etc…” this would have been more effective in terms of engaging with the surroundings in the room. We also discussed how interesting it would be if actual clues were left for the participants to find. Nonetheless this medium was quite fun and made us feel at ease, as though we were playing a game, good job girls!

    By Lisa Suliteanu and Frédérique Rajotte

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