Loyola by Night: A Mis-Guide


How do we think of the night as a spatially constituted phenomena? We are all well aware of how it is defined in terms of temporality, but surely it is a universal experience when one finds that an environment at night takes on an entirely different set of meanings when removed from the routinized activity and visibility of the day. Night spaces can be the sites of potentiality for ‘deviant’ or transgressive behaviour, or, “They can embody hegemonic norms of behaviors deemed proper and respectable: where to be and what to do during particular periods.” (Williams, 525). They can be gendered, classed, racialized, and sexualized, and through our Mis-guide project we aim to interrogate what types of subjects are called in to being by the socially constructed concept of nighttime and what new meanings can be established by the temporal-spatial practices of individual bodies.
Our mis-guide tour uses Tumblr as a platform, and consists of Concordia’s standardized map of the Loyola campus with five numbered points of interest that correspond to a set of ‘night’ videos. The participants will be asked to view these videos with the volume muted prior to physically visiting these spots so that they may consider their unique emotional response to the environments depicted. Upon visitation of these locales the participant may listen to the testimonials and anecdotes from different bodies (which are disembodied in a visual sense) that are attached to the videos as a way of experiencing a different sense of embodied emplacement (Farman, p. 34).

Here, you’ll find the Tumblr link to our project and its instructions.

By Marie-Hélène Chagnon St-Jean & Maddy Fenton


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