Concordia’s Online Virtual Tour

Although Concordia’s Sir George Williams campus may be considered a familiar locale to some, our virtual video tour is designed to inform anyone of the space by giving them a short personalized tour. The tour’s route leads the viewer to five locations selected by us, two current Concordia students.

This virtual video tour disrupts the idea of a traditional campus tour by choosing places that are either widely unknown, even to most Concordia students, (the eleventh floor lounge/study area in the EV building, and the greenhouse) or seem banal to those who frequent the SGW campus often (the center of the library building, the metro entrance connecting to Concordia’s underground tunnels, and the Hall building’s eighth floor lounge/study area). By choosing locations not typical of an official guided Concordia tour we re-define the usual perception of the locations demonstrated in the video.

-Dori & Nick



  1. Project Evaluation: Dori & Nick’s CONCORDIA’S ONLINE VIRTUAL TOUR
    By Gabrielle Allain and Catherine Poitras Auger

    While virtually following Dori and Nick around the campus, it was interesting to see what stopped them along the way: a friend passing by, the slow elevator, a line of people waiting for the staircase. The frozen frames with the cursor, as if we were choosing our next destination, added interaction to the video. It is also interesting to view the timer on the screen, which reminds us how many places we can go in only a few minutes. Most locations in the video were main areas and mezzanines in Concordia, but the video also brought us to lesser traveled areas such as the Greenhouse. This video could be very useful for new students to Concordia and could gain inspiration to go on their own explorations. It could also be good for newly enrolled or potential students who would like to see the school from current students’ point of view and receive a full tour. Furthermore, international students who are not able to visit Concordia in person before applying could use this virtual tour to see the school in an intimate, realistic way. The guide made use of both stairs, escalators, and elevators, so it could be accessed by all sorts of bodies with different needs.

    The orchestral piece of Rossini emphasizes the fast-forward effect that was added to the video in post-production. The jazzy music in the elevator broke the tone in a comical way. The tour guide was friendly and easy to follow.

    The sound levels could have been higher, and the sound quality could have generally been better. We also found that the video has small glitches towards the middle/end. Other than these criticisms, this virtual map is a simple, playful, interactive guide, that was fun to watch and experience.


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