Riddle324!! Who wants to play?

riddle race

For the purpose of this mis-guide, we have decided to play with the existing environment at the CJ building. Since the aim of this project is to make people see the campus differently, we thought that by creating a riddle race, we will encourage participants to consider and acknowledge the different historical artifacts present within this building. Therefore, we will force them, in a way, to dérive from their common itinerary, similarly to Guy Debord’s concept, by encouraging them to engage within a game that will take place on Instagram. By creating this riddle race, our goal is to challenge the existing knowledge that one has about CJ building; we hope to encourage each participants to think about this space differently. Indeed, instead of only considering it as a “school environment”, we hope to bring a ludic aspect to it, while at the same time, allowing everyone to experience it as if it is an art gallery.

By Sarah Bibeau and Ana Patricia Bourgeois


One comment

  1. The riddle race mis-guide by Sarah and Ana was well done and easy to follow, both of us (Sam and Devon) had a little bit of fun going through the clues and finding what we needed to find. The school space was used well and it was effective in making us notice the little things hiding in plain sight.
    We both agreed on how using a social media platform to layout the clues about the mis-guide was convenient. As we went through the picture and video clues, our sense of placement within the building had gotten a little bit skewed. Although we kind of knew what we were looking for we could not find them right away. As we were going through the virtual scavenger hunt we discussed that we had both always noticed and admired the clues in Sarah and Ana’s mis-guide but we never actually stopped and studied them. Even with the clues that were presented to us we did not find the objects as soon as we read the riddles, it took us a few moments to piece them together and come to conclusions about what the particular objects were and where they stood. Thus making this mis-guide pretty effective.
    We both liked the aspect of participation within the mis-guide. At each clue that we found we were instructed to take a selfie and post it with a specific hashtag identifying that we had found the object. This proved that we were ready to move onto the next clue as well as being one step closer to completing the riddled scavenger hunt. There are no suggestions that we could make to perhaps improve this particular mis-guide if we did it would just be an alternate imperfect mis-guide.

    Sam and Devon

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