Mis-Guide to Concordia

Our mis-guide explores the downtown campus. We suggest you to pair up with one or two students to start your flânerie. Keep that in mind, it is an exercise offered embracing slowness and idleness. Also, in order to partake in different interactions that might occur through your route, we propose you to do it on a weekday, before 5pm. It is not an obligation though. Have 1.50$ in your pocket, it might be useful along the way, but once again, it is only a suggestion…

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__Anne-Mette and Noémie



  1. A mis-guide review

    We tried out Anne-Mette’ and Noémie’s mis-guide which offered “an exercise embracing slowness and idleness”. This occurred to be very true – the points chosen alongside with some activities proposed for each specific spot appeared to be a celebration of tranquility and pleasure of exploring the campus at a leisurely pace. The places to explore were EV building top floor with panoramic view over the city, the secret reading room in Fine Arts section of EV building, the FOFA gallery, the Greenhouse, and the Café X. The last four of them gave a feeling of weekend spent in the country. For example, the tiny reading room with a wall-clock ticking, plants in pots, a couch, and a labyrinth of bookcases reminded a grandmother’s cabinet. This peaceful, homey atmosphere evoked feelings of time distraction and shelteredness of childhood. This “in the country” air was enforced by FOFA atmosphere, though it was mainly due to the installation that was on there, not the gallery itself. Yet, it was interesting to think about how some places could be upturned with the ideas they embody or produce. For instance, the Greenhouse as a symbol of basic natural forces of wilt and rebirth (that literally touch the ground) is situated on the roof, and an art gallery, which may be considered as a sanctuary of the sublime, resides on the ground floor. At that, the latter is easier to find and enter either from the street or from EV building which again offers a range of interpretations (ex.: are we out of touch with the basics?). So, in the sense of provoking new thoughts, the mis-guide was insightful and useful. Though, there was no specific purpose indicated, its “purposefulness” became a purpose itself, concordantly to Debord’s ideas.


      1. Yes, I wasn’t sure I could spoil girls’ work by writing in the notebook, so I took notes on a separate sheet. I also wasn’t sure about mentioning my responses here, but I definitely can put them.

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