Sophie Calle talk in Montreal — 3 Feb 2014

Prolific artist Sophie Calle, who we are reading about this week, is doing a free lecture as part of her new show at the McCord in Montreal. See you in the front row.

Tying in with her exhibition For the Last and First Time (FEBRUARY 5, 2015 TO MAY 10, 2015) Sophie Calle will be giving a talk on Tuesday, February 3 at 6 p.m.

The exhibition consists of two recent projects by Calle: The Last Image, 2010, a series of photographs accompanied by texts, and Voir la mer, 2011, a series of digital films. These two series take an incisive, poetic look at the particular reality of the mental images of blind people and at the discovery of beauty and the sublime.

Premise of The Last Image

“I went to Istanbul. I spoke to blind people, most of whom had lost their sight suddenly. I asked them to describe the last thing they saw.”

Premise of Voir la mer

“In Istanbul, a city surrounded by water, I met people who had never seen the sea. I filmed their first time.”


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