First blog post

1. Hello! My name is Evan! I was born and raised in Moncton, New Brunswick, home of the world renown Magnetic Hill. I grew up playing lots of sports though nowadays the only sport I’m playing is Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 on N64. Come high school, sports became irrelevant, as art, visual culture and more specifically photography dominated my interests. I study photography here at ConU and am enjoying it thoroughly.


2. For the most part you can usually find me at home reading articles on the world wide web, leafing through photo books, torrenting, watching movies, taking photos around the neighbourhood, playing Mario Kart with my roomies or pretending to help my girlfriend make supper/chasing her pet bunny.

3. For this class I aim to gain knowledge and understand how different bodies in different spaces relate (or don’t relate) and to explore how these ideas can expand my artistic practice in a specifically original documentary and/or observational style.

4. My cottage is situated on the coastline, about 30 feet from the beach, on the Northumberland Straight in between PEI and New Brunswick. It’s a spot my parents have owned since 1987 and we’ve spent much of our summers there playing bocci, whiffle ball, soccer, drinking beer, playing tunes, dancing, shooting off fireworks and hosting many bonfires. It’s a very relaxing and funny place to be, as bodies come and go, the space doesn’t seem to lose its essence, but rather its aesthetic make up over time. The only bodies excluded from this space are those that do not aim to keep the space positive and peaceful, as well as my mother’s strict “No Jerks” policy, which I guess means people who she deems to be inappropriate for the space.






– not responding to emails
– giving long breaks
– giving short breaks
-not making in class-content (slides) available
– being unapproachable

– using free/cheap texts
– group work
– testing knowledge not memory
– allowing for class discussion
– using the internet



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