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Hi classmates,

My name is Marie-Hélène and I’m a first year Communication & Culture student. As a former student in Economics, I developed a particular vision of human behaviour and psychology and, meanwhile, a profound disdain for the field.  I should have known it was doomed from the start, my real interests were always directed towards books, museums or movie theatres, and my greatest pleasure: starting a debate.    10566475_10152246136771232_1422153604_n

Most of my free time is dedicated to reading and tasting wine. Having a voracious curiosity, I like to open books of various subjects. I each times realize the vast quantity of information I could, but will probably not, acquirer. It is an exalting vertigo.  For this same reason, I dived into the wine industry as a part time job. This speciality requires great knowledge of geography, languages and technical knowledge; it provides a great sensory experience like few other occupations.

My favorite place would be on my yoga mat. While I can carry it almost everywhere, the object is a physical reminder of my need to stay attentive, in any space. The connection to the ground, the silence in my head and the constant sound of my breath is a vivifying feeling. When I’m practicing yoga, I pursue to enlarge my body’s capabilities, not thinning my appearance. I then feel fully in control of my thoughts and body, it represents a comforting moment of deeper mindfulness.  I can, like the mat, carry this moment of peace far and

Now that I reread the previous lines, contrasting wine tasting and intensive yoga practices\meditation might indicate I’m a potential subject to artificial escapes… Personal refection here.

With this class, I wish to understand better how differently we interact in various external spaces, but also how internal perceptions affect our comprehension. I want to question myself and reconsider my certainties.

What the faculty makes easy:

  1. Integration of new interactive platforms to complement in-class discussions.
  2. Providing numerous lectures to  ease research in the domain.
  3. Responsive teachers and TAs for support.
  4. Integration of group projects to elaborate on the material with classmates and enlarge our understanding of it.
  5. Providing facilities for coffee addictions.

What the faculty makes hard (without enumerating the opposites of the preceding points):

  1. Few or no feedbacks of earlier submitted work.
  2. Too populated classes reducing the interaction between people.
  3. Too similar material too study in different courses.
  4. Limited information providing of on campus activities or international exchanges.
  5. 8:30 am classes…

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