First Post: Who Am I?!

Hey! Wassup everybody? Hope you don’t mind my cheesy post.


So yeah, my name is Tatiana Kalantzis… some people call me Tats. I was born and raised in Montreal and have lived here my whole life. Right now I’m spending as much time as I possibly can doing the things that I love, and having fun which to me is the purpose of living. Some of those things are writing songs, freestyle rap-battling, photographing nature, cats, people and shows, keeping a dream journal, kick-boxing, doing yoga and recently started meditating. Oh, and I’m also studying communications for my second year in the field of video production.

Here’s a picture of me with someone else’s cat. My family doesn’t let me have one, it’s a cruel world.

(They’re allergic, they’re nice people).

My goal for this class is to creatively explore and better understand the connection between our mind/body and how we affect and are affected by the different environments that we are daily situated in or excluded from. I will focus on better understanding the influences of bodies and the creation of spaces by taking different perspectives to consideration and using my own experiences as inspiration. Since I am a very visual person, I am constantly noticing details around me, which is why I am excited to be analysing spaces in order to learn how bodies react in pre-constructed environments.

One of my favourite spaces is the park near my house. It is the place I usually go to if I want to be alone, and if I’m lucky no one is there when I feel that way. I also love going there with friends to have fun, or during serious times, because I just feel so comfortable and at home. Ever since I was a kid I was brought to this park, and I’ve felt connected to it because I’ve had so many memories linked to it growing up. Even though this park is a free and open space, it was still constructed for different purposes and to look the way that it does, which can make it feel less personal, although that is why I found ways to physically make this space my own as well as mentally. The picture below shows a tree that I engraved my initials into 3 years ago, and they are still there. Whenever I walk past this park, I notice the tree and it makes me happy that no one else knows about it (until now).

I love the fact that this is a free and open space, because I am instantly accepted into it.  As a kid I would only visit it during the day mostly in the summer. Over the years, I’ve appreciated how beautiful it is at night, because it is lit by pretty street lights and there is a nice view of the sky. The only thing I really dislike is that it is surrounded by houses, therefore making it harder to escape and be alone. I recently went to this park for the first time during the winter, because I knew it would be empty. Since it is such a comfortable space for me, I began to meditate there, and this only helps bring me to a closer relationship with the park in my mind.

5 things faculty do that make learning hard:

  1. When lecturing is the only method of teaching, without incorporating other media.
  2. Being assigned a creative project, yet having to follow specific rules.
  3. Early classes.
  4. When participation is considered discussing things in class. Some people don’t want to share what they think with everyone.
  5.  Florescent lights. No natural light makes the classroom feel depressing.

5 things faculty do that make learning easy:

  1. Using different methods of teaching, and incorporating several forms of media.
  2. Taking time to make sure the material is understood before continuing.
  3. Giving different options for the presentation of a project.
  4. Being in a room that has a lot of windows and possibly plants.
  5. Giving breaks between lectures to stretch and let the information sink in.


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