Introductions – JM

From Jessica McKnight, To COMS324.

Student in Communication Studies, Concordia University. A part of the Coms Guild, the Communication Studies student association. 1/2 Italian , 1/3 Scottish, and some other fraction of other stuff. I like to play soccer. Summer > Winter.


Sunny days.

On my free time in the city, I always love having a tune playing in the background no matter what I’m doing. It makes me feel like I’m in a film and I’m every day is a new adventure and a new me. I love all sports, but mostly soccer. I love running around and having a team to work with. I’m also extremely competitive. Unfortunately, my play time has decreased severely over the years because I have developed a back problem. I honestly spend a lot of my time on Vine, snapchat, and other over-populated social media platforms on my phone. Mostly, all in all, I love spending time with my friends and family. Without them, there would be no me.

Goal for the class: When I initially saw the title of the class regarding communication environment, I knew I wanted to take it. I’ve always contemplated how my surroundings affected me and how I affected my surroundings, down to the very last detail. I hope I can learn more about myself through the analysis of my environment as well as how my environment has been affected in some ways because of my presence in it. In more general terms, I’m interested in learning about how something so small and insignificant can turn out to be something so dominant and meaningful in the creation of your world. As they say, big things come in small packages. All in all, the slightest detail can make the greatest change – and being able to capture that moment and break it down into something creating change in a bigger audience and a bigger world is both scary and magical.

One of my favorite spaces, possibly my top favorite, is my old cottage I used to regularly go to when I was younger until my family had to sell it to my other side of the family who took it over and don’t like us to stay there. When I found this out, I was not only sad about losing one of my favorite places but also extremely angry that they have the indecency to keep us away from it. The bad part is, they know it’s a place where I feel at home. The worst part is, I’ve lost one of the only places that ease my mind to peace. It’s the reason I now today love nature and appreciate it more than many other places in my life. The sounds in the air, close an far, send my frequent overwhelming thoughts to sleep. Something about an echo across a lake fills me up with a feeling of happiness and never-ending freedom like no matter what happens there is always a way. This space teaches my body how to breathe in and out and take life one day at a time. My curiosity peeks as I feel a new adventure coming every time I wander the forest near the cottage. My body feels understanding from the space as it has known me since I was a child. This brings me confidence and gives me a light-headed feeling like I can fly away from my troubles or bash right through them if need be. It’s definitely a place I’ll never forget and I’ll never give up on. I try to capture these feelings at other nature spots but it never seems to be the same.


My cousin and I on the dock.


The view.


Flowing with the lake.


Whether it be intentional or not, the things the faculty do to make learning what it has come to be in this program is all for the students’ betterment of their knowledge and skills and through meeting certain teachers, students and faculty, I truly believe it.

The five things they make hard to learn:

– In Coms, they don’t let you get away with bullshit. It may be a lot of essays and theories, but they double check your facts and even your thoughts. Don’t write something down if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

– Research papers. Enough said.

– Many of the abstract theories are dealt with minimal explanation and follow-through.

– Intimidation of teachers.

– Time limitations versus work expectations aren’t always balanced.

The five things they make easy to learn:

– Most influence in-class participation and thought-sharing which really captures you into the program.

– Most will make you think of stuff you’ve never thought of or considered before. This is great for essay-writing and coming up with project ideas.

– Most encourage you to try and try again.

– Most are always willing to help you out.

– Flexibility.


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