Post 1: Introduction

  • Name, brief background and selfie


I’m Daniel. Sort of. Nobody calls me that outside of school, so if you want to differentiate me from the 14 other Dans that roam the COMS halls, you can call me Fonda. I’m a second-year COMS student from Montreal, and LEARNING IS FUN.

Last thing I googled: “was Gandhi really an asshole?”

  • What do you spend most of your time doing?

I tend to focus on schoolwork, but I just recently found time for more important things: catching up on Spider-Man comics. Like most humans of Earth, I watch, listen to and read stuff. As I’m writing this, I’m listening to ‘One Hundred Days’ by Mark Lanegan (, which kind of says a lot about the type of stories and characters I’m into. If I’m not feeling too lazy, I write my own music and stories.

I’ve always wanted to make or be in movies, so maybe I’ll do that professionally one day. Or I could be a janitor.

  • What is your goal for the class?

I’ve noticed that much of the fiction I enjoy involves bodies being uncomfortable in the spaces they are inhabiting, both literally or figuratively. There’s often a need to escape one’s environment or to reassess their place within it, and I’m hoping this class will help me explore that sort of thing more intricately.

  • What is one of your favorite spaces?

I guess it would be my room. It’s dark, cramped, and cluttered. Not much room for movement. Whenever I open a drawer, I tend to hit one of my guitars. I usually have a bunch of junk on the right side of my bed, so I’m practically hanging off the left. Come to think of it, it’s nothing great, but hey– it’s “my place” or whatever, and it’s where I can consume lots of fiction without being bothered. Nobody is “excluded” per se, but having a degree of control regarding who can be in the room is comforting.

IMG_8909 IMG_8912

Now that I think about it, maybe I prefer the movie theatre. Any one. I too often fall into the trap of distracting myself whenever I watch something at home (even if I’m alone), so I really enjoy letting go of control. I don’t want to be able to pause. I don’t want to be able to check my phone. I just want to sit back, shut up, and actually experience something.

  • What are the five things faculty do that make learning hard?

Unclear instructions

Too much bias on the professor’s part

Lack of a will to communicate with students outside of class

Lack of diversity in terms of teaching style (eg.: only lectures, no group work, etc.)

Little feedback on assignments

  •  What are the five things faculty do that make it easy to learn?

Encouragement of student participation/discussion

NOT having a single assignment that is worth too much

Easily-accessible resources (online, for instance)

Willingness to shift focus material-wise depending on students’ interest WITHOUT losing sight of the big picture

Taking into account the entirety of students’ academic workload (NOT assigning too much work during the hectic parts of a semester)

Satan is my Lord.



  1. There has been a lot of unearthing of Ghandi’s misogynist practices which don’t make the news. I hope you stumbled upon that in your Googl-ing. Men’s ‘good deeds’ in history have often happened on the backs of women.


  2. I’ve read a few articles about this. We tend to deify figures like Gandhi, which is obviously problematic because we develop a blind spot when it comes to their failings.


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