Hey there I’m Gabie 🙂 I’m in my second year in Coms Studies. I’m not too sure where I want to go with my degree in Communications but I love the broad range of stuff I’m learning and the lovely people I am encountering along the way. I’m from Brooklyn, NY I’m a Gemini, I have a pet bunny named Root. This is me:Photo on 12-31-14 at 5.30 PM #4

Apart from the time I spend in school I float around the universe, hang with friends and make art. I spend a good amount of time making music and playing in a contemporary ensemble. I love walking around the city and exploring, napping and eating like most people do 🙂 Dreams are an important realm to me and I think eating is an amazing way to celebrate life.

In this class I would like to explore the different ways that people experience space, and open my mind to fluid physicality. I love the idea of the body being a multiplicity as opposed to a singular bounded entity. I am also interested in the relationships between people’s energies and the spaces they inhabit. I’ve always thought that people’s energies still linger after they’ve left a space.

One of my favorite places is my living space back home. It’s filled with collected odds and ends such as silly chachkies and found objects. It has been a gathering place for my friends and I to spend nights and goof off and make art, so it’s become a kind of sanctuary for all of my favorite people. A lot of memories and great, creative energies are contained there. The space is a rectangle shape on the small side, and filled with stuff, but the crampedness of it actually makes it feel more big and free then when it was emptier: I am not sure why this is, maybe it is something we will explore in class. This is a very comfortable space for me because it is a place that is only occupied by people I allow to occupy it (friends, family members). The room is on a third floor, but the roof patio outside on of the windows (a place where I have a small garden) makes it feel less trapped: At any point I can crawl out of the window and be outside. There is also a hanging plant, a number of potted bulbs, and a larger fern, which gives the room a nice natural feel, especially since it is in the center of Brooklyn.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 5.51.20 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 5.55.03 PM

All of that being said about physical spaces, I am also heavily influenced by ideas of solipsism- that one’s mind/consciousness is the only thing in the universe that one knows to truly exist. In particular Epistemological solipsism, where psychological spaces such as dreams and alternate states of being/universes are as real, if not more real, than physical spaces that we experience in the “external” world. Ergo, I would say that my favorite space is a familiar place I visit in my dreams.

Five things faculty do to make learning hard: 

1. Super heavy reading. I love to read but when there’s too much I usually revert to skimming/not comprehending it well or not reading at all.

2. When prof’s are not open to new or different ideas, or opinions that differ from theirs.

3. Too much or a complete lack of group work – Balance is nice 🙂

4. Forgetting that there is a different between a challenge and insane expectations.

5. Super long lectures without giving opportunity for discussion.

Five things faculty do to make learning easy:

1. A bit of energy and enthusiasm always helps!

2. Understanding and flexibility truly encourages me to work harder.

3. Creating a comfortable, fluid environment in the classroom.

4. Readings that are not exclusively written by old white men 100 years ago 🙂

5. Writing assignments in class! Just my personal preference, but I find them very stimulating.


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  1. Very exciting to have you in the class. You might want to check out Ana Mendieta’s work which I posted up this morning — she is dealing with some of the issues you outline here. I encourage you to definitely try to critically engage in the dream world for this class.

    The idea of traces of identity is also a large topic of research and we will be touching about it briefly. Particularly in our next class in the discussion of gender performativity.


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