Name, brief background, and selfie.

My name is Garrett Lockhart.  I was born in Nanaimo, B.C. where I studied digital media at Vancouver Island University.  After my first year, I moved to Montreal to study Communication and Cultural Studies at Concordia; I am currently in my second year of the program.  Here is a recent selfie.


What do you spend most of your time doing?

I spend a lot of time shooting photographs and clicking around online; I enjoy seeing what other people are making.  I also like going on walks around the city when it is not -25 degrees outside.

What is your goal for the class?

My goal for this class is to reconceptualize my relationship to different spaces.  I have begun to become interested in how different people act within different spaces, and how those spaces may determine their actions.  I am also interested in the bedroom as a product of the person living in it—how do different spaces change when different people inhabit them?

What is one of your favourite spaces?  Describe it.  Why?  How do you use your body to be in that space?

My favourite space is my bedroom in the old Portuguese apartment where I live with two others.  I believe at one time the room was two separate rooms divided by a wall because of the two doorways and light switches present in each half of the room.  One major reason I love this space is the lighting situation.  The apartment has great light in the afternoon, leaving it nice and dark in the mornings.  I placed my bed in the back half of the room, which has no window.  My workspace (desk, books, etc) is in the front, brighter half.  By having my room set up in this way, I have am able to have two separate places; one to relax, and one to work.  My body uses these two spaces everyday; I know where to be when I have a new magazine to flip through, or when I have to write an essay.


3  2





What are five things faculty do to make learning hard?  What are five things faculty do to make leaning easy?


  1. Assigning long, complicated readings that often seem outdated.
  2. Relying on dry PowerPoints during lectures; it’s 2015!
  3. When professors speak at students rather than with them.
  4. Expensive resources and hard-to-find texts.
  5. When professors cannot handle viewpoints different from their own.


  1. Using contemporary examples to illustrate concepts.
  2. Making sure students are able to meet with/contact their professors.
  3. Providing ample feedback with assignments.
  4. Giving clear instructions.
  5. Maintaining an safe environment for students to voice their thoughts, online or off.



One comment

  1. Thinking through your post and your images you might want to explore spaces & aesthetics. There’s definitely something to critically engage in, in how sharing images of your personal space (nesting) feeds into a series of aesthetic sensibilities within a particular community.


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