Blog Post 1: About Me


My name is Rory Warnock, I’m from Toronto, Ontario and I’m currently in my final year in Communication Studies at Concordia. With a focus on sound, my studies in Communications at Concordia have largely involved discussing/analyzing the topics of music, audio technologies, live performance, soundscapes and other related subject matter. I have also volunteered and interned at the radio stations CJLO (Concordia) and CKUT (McGill).

Most of my time is spent reading (both for leisure and academically), watching movies, listening to music, making my own music, spending time with friends, playing hockey, and studying.

In terms of specific goals for this class, I’m looking to gain a stronger understanding of the ways in which spaces, as well as with the bodies in those spaces, reinforce or are representative of particular power dynamics in society. Contrastingly, I’m also interested in learning about the ways bodies and spaces can disrupt, challenge and change existing power relations. I’m also very interested in researching the way bodies and spaces function during live performances.

One of my favourite spaces is the Beaches Boardwalk in Toronto. Located in Toronto’s east end the boardwalk outlines a short segment of Lake Ontario. I really enjoy this space because it changes at different times and seasons. In the summer the boardwalk is busy and dynamic with thousands of people relaxing on the beach. While in the winter the space is cold and virtually deserted. If it is clear enough you can see across the lake, while on clouded days and evenings the lake looks endless.

beaches boardwalk winter Beaches Boardwalk

In the space my actions and body movements are pretty low energy. On the boardwalk I usually sit, read, go for a walk or relax. For me, it’s a space where I’m not the center of attention. Rather I’m just one of the countless number of people or things within the space, which I find calming.

Five things faculty do that make learning hard:

  • When professors are not concise or articulate what they want from student assignments
  • Lack of communication in answering questions, comments or concerns between professors and students
  • Limited budgets for departments and faculty
  • Use of favouritism by professors and a lack of equality for all students
  • Limited comments on graded assignments

Five things faculty do that make it easy to learn: 

  • Providing students with a variety of relevant examples or current case studies that stimulate thought and discussion
  • When professors are personable yet professional
  • Professors who encourage students to draw on their own experiences in academic discussions
  • Creating assignments that allow students to actively think rather than passively write and regurgitate information
  • Providing classes that cover a variety of different themes/topics in relation to Communication Studies

One comment

  1. The boardwalk is such an interesting case study for thinking how spaces can be “representative of particular power dynamics in society”—the types of different communities that gather there, the politics of its location (and the surrounding neighbourhoods), what is an acceptable activity or not. I would also suggest that it is not that deserted in the winter! Also, what would be a detournement of this location? I urge you to keep pursuing and pushing our class to — ” learning about the ways bodies and spaces can disrupt, challenge and change existing power relations”


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