Blog Post 1: About Me

DSC__x My name is Anna, I am originally from Kazakhstan, and the first thing I must say is no, Borat lied. It’s been 2 years now since I came to Montreal with my son. Before that I had worked as an editor and freelance writer, which was very interesting and enriching in many senses (yes, editors usually get lots of free stuff, as, say, Fergie’s concert in London or a bottle of Glenmorangie for Christmas:)).

Now I spend most of the time studying, raising my kid, and enjoying life. As for my goal for this class – I would like to acquire a deeper understanding of what does space mean, how do we create spaces, how do they affect us, what may spaces tell us about ourselves, and how can they be used as means of communication.

I have a lot of favorite spaces ranging from Tennessee beach in San Francisco Bay Area to Vanier library, but the most important one among them is my own kitchen, no matter where I live. I love spacious kitchens with large windows, where everything is on its place. It reminds me an alchemic laboratory where something can be created almost out of nothing. That feeling I had brewing my own kombucha for example. So, it’s a place of indefinite creativity. Perhaps, that is why this is a place where I prefer to write all my papers. It’s also very functional: if I need a break and want to make a cup of coffee -everything is at my fingertips. It is a perfect place for communication as well. My friends and I have discussed thousands of issues in my kitchen, and if only anyone have gone to the trouble of transcribing them that would be another War and Peace. I don’t know exactly why it so, maybe, the kitchen is just cozy and warm. Or, maybe, there are some other reasons at the bottom, and we get together around a fireplace just as our ancestors did in their caves, enjoying food and something much more valuable – a company of each other.DSC_5293

Five things faculty do that makes learning hard:

  • When instructions for assignments are too vague
  • When assignments are split into unreasonable amount of outlines, drafts, final drafts etc., each of which should be handed in
  • When students can’t get back their papers
  • When readings relevance to the topic is not clear
  • When readings just parallel lectures and are not discussed or used in class

Five things faculty do that make it easy to learn:

  • When any alternatives to costly textbooks are offered
  • When professors are passionate about their subjects
  • When assignment are creative
  • When students enjoy a reasonable freedom in choosing topics for assignments
  • When the whole process is not excessively formalized

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