Blog Post 1: About Me

1. Whats up people! My name is Matthew Dessner. I’m a 3rd year Communication Studies student. I was born in Toronto but I’ve been more of a Montrealer since moving here in high school. During my studies, I have taken a focused interested in music-centric alternative media practices, however my interests span much further and I am generally fascinated by simply watching other individuals and how they navigate the spaces and media which surround them. In addition, I am a musician currently playing drums in an Indie-Alternative band, The Fiers. I also work on my own musical and video work, and enjoy playing Zelda and eating hummus… Yup.


2. Apart my studies and related work, I spend a fair amount of time in the jam room, writing new music and rehearsing. However, while this space is extremely euphoric, I also enjoy the simple pleasures of just sitting in my living room and watching documentaries on Netflix or the release from a quick gym workout. Other then that, I enjoy the company of others and like to cook… Kraft Dinner… yep.

3. In class, I mentioned that space is infinite. Is it really? After re-examining that carefully, I realize that spaces can be infinite when looked upon through a subjective lens. If I was to best describe my goals for this class, it would be to examine how peoples’ lens’ differ. For example, in a prior class, I worked on a project called #Society in Mayhem, where a classmate and I subverted the STM’s Ride Together to Make it Better campaign. In doing so, we posted our subverted advertisements around the metro and many people gave us angry glares, because they believed that what we were doing was disrespectful; yet, other people applauded us. To understand why this happened, I want to learn more about how people see the spaces around them, and how discourse and ideology are constantly shaping and reshaping these spaces.

4. Personally, the greatest emotional tie I have to a space, is my relationship to the stage. To be precise the stage at any concert venue, big or small, it doesn’t matter – as long as I feel connected to it. This connection might come in two different ways. If I’m attending the concert of a band I love, I envision an aura surrounding the band and the stage. In experiencing this aura, it can be an otherworldly experience. At a concert I can get so involved in what I’m seeing that my chores and work duties seem so far away, and my life becomes the show. I might also crave that aura and often desire the same emotional release that the musicians are feeding out. Alternatively, when my band is playing a show, instead of craving that emotional release, I have the chance to let it out. All those hours spent practicing in the jam room become voiced and I feed upon the energy of the crowd. In this way, the stage is my most meaningful space, however – if the show is bad and the vibe of the crowd is mediocre or outright terrible, the stage becomes a painful place where I simply can’t wait for the show to end. Therefore, the space is only especially meaningful in the perfect context.



5. What are the five things faculty do that make learning hard?

– Abstract lectures that are all over the place/boring lectures and the reading of power points – A good balance is necessary.

– Crammed deadlines

– Incessantly heavy reading material

– Expensive resources

– When a faculty member doesn’t show significant interest in the subject they are teaching

What are the five things faculty do that make it easy to learn?

– Dynamic lectures –  mix of lecture, discussion, media, guest speakers…etc

– Be approachable, friendly and genuine

– Understanding different points of view, different backgrounds and opinions

– Easy to contact – Reply to questions quickly

– Teaching a class should be a learning process of sorts for the person teaching it as well! When students see this it makes the class ever more interesting and we want to contribute more and voice our opinions.





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