Blog post 1: About me

Hello everyone! My name is Joelle Cytrynbaum and I am currently a third year Communications student. I am very interested in gender studies and its implication within television, however I have recently discovered a passion of mine to travel and observe different cultures myself, understand their differences in contrast with how they are perceived through media. I would like to work in television, but I would eventually do my graduate studies in criminology and behavioral sciences.


I spend most of my time at work juggling two jobs, giving piano lessons and going to school full time. Whenever I have time off, I use it to travel, visit family in Europe or go someplace warm when it gets too awfully cold up here. I also love to read and I enjoy playing piano, something I have been doing for a number of years.

My goal for this class is to develop a better understanding of how space affects and influences us, and how bodies interact within that space. Specifically, I would like to have a better understanding of how cyberspace is relatable to actual physical spaces, if our interaction with technology could be considered its own form of space and how this affects us as human beings.

I would say that my favorite space is, as I explained in class, in my parents’ living room, particularly during the day when my parents are not there. This space is very familiar to me as I have grown up in this house that I no longer live in, and I have access to the grand piano that I have worked with all my life. It is a big and open room with great acoustics and a few comfortable couches. I can raise the tail of the piano (which I am not usually allowed to do) and play anything I want in the world. I assume that I love this space particularly for the nostalgic feeling that it brings me as I no longer live there. It reminds me of times when I would come home every day and use this space as an escape to any good or bad situation; piano is the only activity in which I was capable of concentrating almost entirely and playing or practicing something new would allow me to break from everything else.

IMG_1474 C

Five things that make learning hard:

  1. The registration process is difficult and classes are always full
  2. The My Concordia website is slow and outdated
  3. The grades for final papers or projects are never accessible
  4. Creative limitations for uncomfortable topics of discussion
  5. Teachers each have different expectations and teaching methods

Five things that make it easy to learn:

  1. Teachers are enthusiastic and passionate about their subjects
  2. Students are encouraged to participate
  3. We are provided with a lot of academic resources
  4. We can freely write about what we care about (in relation to Communication Studies)
  5. Teachers are (mostly) approachable



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