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Hi My name is Maddy and I’m in my second year of communication studies (in video production) at Concordia. I consider Calgary to be my hometown, but I’ve also lived and grown up in Duncan, BC and Kobe, Japan. I’m very interested in storytelling in all of its forms.
What do you spend most of your time doing?
When I’m not at work or studying I like to watch movies. The films in Gregg Araki’s ‘Teen Apocalypse Trilogy’ are my recent favourites. I’d like to start creating more of my own film and video projects outside of school.
What is your goal for the class?
My goal for this class is to improve the way I read and engage with theoretical material, and to generally just work on becoming a more active learner. I am curious to discover which societal concepts of bodies and spaces have become naturalized in my everyday thinking.
What is one of your favorite spaces? Describe it. Why? How do you use your body to be in that space? What bodies are excluded from that space? Interrogate any of your immediate characteristics of that space (peaceful, belongs to me, historic, etc). Include a link/image/video/etc.
As I mentioned in class, one of my favourite spaces is the movie theatre, Cinema Du Parc. One has to go down three flights of stairs to get to the ticket counter, and then down another flight to get to the two screens and the concession. This is a very different layout from the gigantic cineplexes in the suburbs which I am used to. Theatres that hold at least 20 auditoriums and are built from the pavement upwards in vast parking lots. At Cinema Du Parc, there’s a feeling of entering a wormhole where everyone ends up on the same level, and the pending prospect of having to eventually physically ‘resurface’ again makes this window of time spent in leisure feel more special. While I’m watching a film, my body remains in one place, but I shift occasionally in my seat. For me the seats are fairly comfortable, but I know that this is not the case for everyone, and I am privileged to be able to handle staying for longer periods of time within this standardized set up. The space also would not be accessible to bodies that are granted little leisure time whether it be from paid or unpaid labour or the combination of both.
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What are the five things faculty do that make learning hard? & what are the five things faculty do that make it easy to learn?
– Lengthy, heavily weighted writing assignments = too much pressure, can’t deal
– I would prefer to be obligated to deliver instalments of a final paper throughout the term. An option for procrastinators.
– When a prof doesn’t seem passionate about their own subject matter.
– When there isn’t enough time spent on discussing/explaining the readings.
-When different examples such as images/videos/quotes/sounds are used in a lecture.
– When a prof is excited about what they are teaching
– Online resources/posted lecture notes
Constructive feedback

Looking forward to a great semester!



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