My name is Anne-Mette and I am an exchange student from Denmark. I normally live in Copenhagen where I study communication at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. I have been in Montreal for a week now and I live in Le Plateau with three other students.


I spend most of my time back home either studying or working as a Junior Consultant in a PR and communication agency. In my spare time I like to spend as much time as possible together with my friends and family and I also enjoy running and playing soccer.

My goal for this class is to broaden my horizon when it comes to ways of working within the communication field and to get new perspectives in ways of thinking communication.

One of my favourite spaces would be my apartment in Copenhagen. The place is very light, not very big but with two rooms, a kitchen and two small balconies. The rooms are decorated with things that mean something personal to me, such as homemade furniture and things I’ve collected on travels. The reason why I see this as my favourite space is because it makes me feel safe to have a place that belongs to me and to know that I can always return there no matter what. Also, this is the place where I can fully relax and be myself. People who have access to the space are people who are connected to my life. Therefore the place is also filled with good memories from moments with my friends and family.


Five things faculty do that makes learning hard:

  • If the lecture is based on a one-way communication form where students are not asked to consider and discuss the topics during class
  • If the communication is not clear when it comes to expectations for the assignments
  • If there is not enough feedback on assignments
  • If syllabus doesn’t match the expectations of the students (Isn’t updated, irrelevant, too much or too little)
  • If the teaching methods don’t vary

Five things faculty do that make it easy to learn:

  • Being well prepared
  • When teacher and students are open minded and ready to listen to each other
  • When there is good feedback from the teacher
  • When there is a good variety in the way of teaching
  • When the teacher is motivated and radiates a great interest in the subject (It often influences the students)

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