Introduction 1

  • My name is Kamelia. I am 20 years old. I am in my second year of University in communication studies.
  • Most of my time is spent watching tv shows or listening to music in my bedroom.
  • My goal for this class is to pass.
  • My favourite space is one that I create in my head. I have this ability to block out my surroundings, sometimes unconsciously, and to submerge myself into another world. In that world I create stories, write songs, I can alter my mood, or simply fall asleep. It is a dangerous place to be when I am driving a car but a fantastic place to visit before falling asleep.
  •    Things that make it harder to learn:

– Give too many readings hence the student does not have the time to understand the texts or it simply confuses them.

– Talk about too many things at the same time.

– Give more then one assignment at once.

– Give long lectures without the use of mix mediums.

  • & what are the five things faculty do that make it easy to learn

– Use mixed mediums

– Do group work on texts so that students can discuss their understanding of the required readings and underline the                   important parts

– Give clear indications and study sheets to help students study for their exams.

Kamelia 🙂



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