About Me: Blog Post #1

Hi everyone!

My name is Sarah Bibeau and I am a third year student in Communication and Cultural Studies. I am also minoring in anthropology and I am planning to do a master degree in order to teach.

photo 3 - Copy

This is me and my 4 and a half years boyfriend!

More About Me

I love learning about other cultures whether it is about different custom, music, ways of behaving, food, etc. I think it is a great way to understand why the world is organized this way and also how it works. The communication program at Concordia opened my eyes on contemporary issues and helped me to develop critical thinking in regards to different topics. My main study interests are feminism, issues of representation, human rights, and the natural environment.

I spend most of my time doing activities with my boyfriend. We share the same passion for films, food, and sports. I really enjoy cooking and baking. I am also a sport/training addict; I do functional training, crossfit, I run, and I skate. I also love writing. I am currently working on the writing of a book.

About Coms 324

My goal for this class is simply to enjoy the topic and try thinking differently about the world. I really admire people who can think outside of the box and by taking this class I hope that it will help me to sharpen my thinking skills. I also hope to discover a new topic in communication studies, a topic that I never really encountered/studied before.

Favorite Space

My favorite space is in Turks and Caicos (Caribbean) where part of my family live. They live in Providenciales (or Provo) and I just enjoy the environment and the people over there. It is always warm and sunny outside; nobody is stressed, there is no traffic, no Walmart/Costco/McDonald, etc. The pace of life is really slow, everybody works slowly and smile all the time. It is also a place where it is easy to stay active. Indeed, there are lots of spaces for outdoor and indoor sports, and also many places where you can observe and enjoy the nature. It is my paradise!!

caméra nikon 097 IMG_0826 IMG_0828

When I am in this place, my body becomes so relaxed. My back doesn’t hurt and my shoulders aren’t tense because of the stress. I am never cold or sick because it is always warm outside and I never lack sleep. I just feel healthier there because my body is connected with nature when I go into the ocean, when I smell salty water, or when I am watching the stars at night for instance. There is also less pollution over there (visual, light, air) so I can perfectly breathe and enjoy every aspect of nature. Finally, I also use my body to perform many sports and activities.

About the Faculty

Among the things faculty do that make learning hard, I will say too many readings prevent students to really grasp the material in order to study key concepts more in depth; 3 hours classes are way too long and could be used more efficiently; in many programs, midterms and finals are among the only ways to assess student’s competencies and it should not be so; some classes are way too cold and it does not encourage students to learn and to listen carefully; finally, a better access to loan and bursaries should be offered to all students.

Among the five things that make learning easier, I will say that Concordia Library’s web database is really impressive and also quite rich in material while conducting research; room study and “blue zones” at the library really help to concentrate and study; great teachers are also an important asset in the learning process and Concordia has a bunch of them; Wi-Fi is also available everywhere; gym facilities and other services whether it is for health issues or learning disabilities are also available to students and it is great for us!


One comment

  1. Interesting to think about how many of us feel more ‘at-ease’ and ‘healthier’ with our bodies in nature and how much we want/need nature considering the historical precedent of Descartes that totally split humans from nature.


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