ABOUT ME: Blog Post 1

Hey guys, I’m Nick. Remember, the guy who sits in the back? This will be my sixth semester at Concordia, and I’m set to be here for one more. I have little idea what I want to do afterwards, but as a past time I love to make music. I consider myself to be a social person, and much prefer to be around groups of people than alone. Don’t get me wrong though, some alone time is always nice.

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My life is essentially made up of five components. 99% of the time I’m doing one of five things: editing videos for work (I work at an entertainment company), working at my other job (Yeh Yogurt), school, hanging with friends, or making music. That other 1% of the time is saved for spontaneity I guess haha.

My goal for this class is to better understand the impact bodies have on environment, and the effects one of the two can have on each other when the other is changed. I’ve always found it very interesting that we are creatures of habit, and the second our routines are broken we seem to reach utter chaos.


My favorite space is the summer camp I work at: Y Country Camp. It’s situated up north in Huberdeau, Quebec. I’ve seen many summer camps in the past, but YCC seems to always be the more beautiful camp. Aside from the sentimental value this place has to me, the camp is also visually aesthetic. With it’s many forests, lakes, and unit spaces, it is impossible to not admire the up north tranquility and beauty. Seeing as it is such a large camp, I do a lot of walking there, which is always good to stay in shape. I swim in the lakes while I’m there, as well as participate in a lot more sports than I would in the city.

Five things faculty do that make it hard to learn:

  1. Rushing through lessons
  2. Not clarifying with students if everyone has comprehended
  3. When it is difficult to understand the power points/notes
  4. Constantly lecturing (only)
  5. Not taking an interest in the students other than whether or not they respond “here” for attendance

Five things faculty do that make it easy to learn:

  1. Being patient with all students
  2. Reaching out to student’s if the Prof sees they are struggling
  3. Providing comprehensible and relevant slides/notes
  4. Including activities as well as discussion into the class
  5. Keeping in mind that some participate in class, some on the server/blog. Not everyone is extremely talkative

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