Blog Post 1: About Me

noémie boisclair


I am a student in Fine Arts Major Film Production and currently doing my last year at Concordia. Previously I studied Literature and Communications and decided to pursue my studies in film. Spending most of my time either working on sets or on personal projects, I also enjoy working in restaurants –a great sideline to my academic projects.

These days, I dedicate a lot of time building my portfolio for my future student exchange next semester. Applying to three different art academies in Europe, I am hoping to challenge myself regarding education and art practices from another cultural perspective. Heard about the class very last minute and was very excited about the content description. My objectives are mainly to increase my vocabulary regarding the politics of bodies and spaces, discover new authors and acquire a new set of tools to incorporate in my own work.

Among my favorite places, bookstores are on top. The Strand bookstore is one of my best spot in New York. It remembers me of the first time I visited the city and I can always spend many hours escaping and wandering on every floor. The place is vast with high ceilings, each floor has different categories: new arrivals, non-fiction/essays, graphic novels, art books and the most exciting, the rare books. I find novels, essays or anthologies at great prices. To me, the experience of the spatial environment is much more intellectual than physical, I remember feeling very tranquil and quiet, as if I was alone among book rows.

photo 1 copy 3

What are the five things faculty do that make learning hard?

  1. (Sometimes) competitive environment that provokes a lack of fraternity and divide people.
  2. Absence of evaluation grid in certain classes
  3. Bureaucracy
  4. Advising for student with mental issues
  5. Missing rigorous critics towards art production

What are the five things faculty do that make it easy to learn?

  1. Amazing art facilities and material
  2. Great resources/opportunities for student –festivals, artist talks, independent library, student-run cafés, organic food store, galleries, etc.
  3. Considerable course selection, especially in queer theory, compared to French universities.
  4. Teacher availability
  5. Great reputation internationally among art schools


      1. It is definitely connected. This class was very close to my inspirations. It is work from illustrator Michael Dumontier. Actually, it would probably be nice that I credit the artist. Do you know how I can do that with my avatar?


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