Post 1- About Myself

Hello my name is Ashley Plescia. I am 21 years old, I originated in this beautiful city of Montreal. My family is half Italian and English/ Irish. I went to Champlain College in Saint-Lambert for a three-year program to study Graphic Communications. I absolutely loved the program due to it’s hands on approach. I decided Communication Studies was a great extension to my learning. Now I am in the film 2 production course, and it has opened my eyes to new perspectives. I love learning theories on semiotics, visual practices and practical tools.

family photo_ashleyplescia

family photo_ashleyplescia

When I’m not occupied with work or doing homework for school, I love spending time with friends and watching movies.

Since my friends are very occupied with the same thing as me it is very hard to find a time that fits all our schedules but when that opportunity does arise it is amazing to catch up and just enjoy each other’s company. Film’s are one of the best ways for me to enjoy my relaxing time. I love disappearing in a film and have nothing to focus on. There is no greater feeling when you watch a movie and you can fall in love with the stories and connect to the people.
My goal for this class is to receive a new outlook on a space. It would be nice to get to know the environment of Montreal and discover new places around.

old port clock tower

old port clock tower


old port sidewalk

old port sidewalk

One of my favorite spaces in Montreal would be the Old Port. The place is covered with it’s historic and classic charms are designed with cobble stone streets filled with small cement buildings. The Old Port is filled with old historical monuments along the waterline. The history of the Old Port, the stories behind it. I love to just walk around the port and imagine what it must have been like to walk along those streets with those beautiful dresses, importing goods and just exploring nature. The buildings are large but the streets are tiny, when I occupy the space I feel confined yet freed. It can be experienced by everyone.

The five things that make learning more difficult are:

  1. receiving vague assignments. Although assignments are explained in class, when an assignment is difficult to understand because of it’s vague or unexplained description, it takes more work to figure out what we are suppose to be writing about which can cause me to feel unsure of my work.
  2. Not approving e-mail correspondence.
  3. Asking for word by word examples from text.
  4. When reading links don’t work and during class are unexplained and not mentioned in class.
  5. when office hours do not work with schedule.

The five things that make learning easier are:

  1. Visual examples and explanations
  2. Hands on experience (ex. field trips or hands on projects)
  3. guest speakers
  4. reviews before an assignment or test.
  5. allow own opinion the readings we read for homework.

One comment

  1. “The place is covered with it’s historic and classic charms are designed with cobble stone streets filled with small cement buildings.”

    You have chosen a very interesting space! There is a lot to critically engage in here. What does classic charm mean? Why do you think cobble stone streets are identifiers of ‘history’ and ‘classic charm’? Why would some spaces not be identified as ‘historical’ while having very rich histories? What parts of MOntreal are written about in history books? Which parts aren’t? Why? Questions to consider!


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