Blog Post 1: About Me

My name is Frédérique Rajotte, I was born in Quebec but moved to Markham, Ontario when I was younger. I am part of the Stingers Women’s Rugby Team here at Concordia. I took two years off of University to play with the Senior Women’s National 7’s Rugby Team in Victoria BC.


My parents and I after winning against the US in the Nations Cup Finals in England

I spend most of my time at rugby practice, in the gym or catching up on my precious sleep. I am currently training for a 15’s Rugby Canada camp so my schedule consists of training 6 times a week. However I’m not just a typical “jock”, when I do have leisure time I spend it reading, cooking or hanging out with my friends/family.

My goal for this class is to be fully engaged and participate in the lectures. I want to keep an open mind to this new and exciting material and be immersed in the types of spaces we will be discussing.

My favorite space is (the room below) at my cottage in Val-David. The room is made up of high vaulted ceilings and large windows that overlook the forest and our lake. This room has a special aura and whenever I enter the space I feel at ease. This room is where many family gatherings have taken place and I believe that it is for that reason that the space brings me such comfort and reassurance. All my senses are activated when I am in this room, the smell of fresh pine, the taste of home cooked meals, the wind blowing through the trees and the beautiful light reflecting through the windows. I am usually sitting on the couch overlooking the gorgeous scenery and reading a book with a cup of tea.


The five things that faculty do that make learning hard are the following

  1. Lack of accessibility from faculty members
  2. Not explaining in full detail the assignments/projects
  3. Not enough constructive feedback when giving back assignments
  4. Barely any support for student athletes
  5. Not being “creative” when giving lectures ex: just reading from slides

The five things that faculty do that make for a better learning environment:

  1. Projects/assignments are interactive and unique
  2. All lectures compliment each other in a chronological way
  3. Giving effective feedback on drafts/proposals
  4. Engaging with students during lectures
  5. Using different methods of teaching, i.e. bringing a guest speaker

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