1st Blog Post- About Me

Hello, my name is Mirelle Lupovici. I am a student in my second year in the Communications program at Concordia University. I was born in New York City, but I have always considered Montreal as my hometown. I mostly spend my time playing guitar and composing songs. I have always used music to express myself within my lyrics. 10552459_10203534434195785_7810874489167580114_nMy goal for this class is too mainly keep an open mind on how the body can interact within spaces in our everyday life. I hope to develop better writing skills within my online postings and involve myself in my classmate’s different space and body perspectives.


My favorite space to be in is Fire Island. This island runs along the coast of Long Island in New York City. Here is a website

281777_2070154247774_4585751_nwith all of Fire Islands history and information: http://www.fireisland.com/. One must travel by ferryboat to reach the island. There are no vehicles on the island; therefore most people usually get around by foot or on bicycle. There are very few year round residents on the island, which helps give it a friendly oriented feeling. 10553319_10203435481482029_1956792690059455691_n

What I love about Fire Island is that very few people know about it, and I’ve been going there every summer since my childhood. My body within this space is always affected in the same way. I find myself refreshed and reenergized the moment I arrive there because it’s my escape from the city, school and work. What triggers my memory the most about this space is the many photographs I have there as a child. The immediate characteristics that come to mind when I am remembering this space is, the smell of the ocean breeze, the smell of the tall fresh bamboo sticks growing, the sound of the bells ringing on the bikes, and the many deer’s that casually walk by you in the streets. 

For me the faculty makes learning difficult by:

1. Using class time to discuss other subjects.

2. Not being able to give enough feedback on tests, exams and assignments.  

3. Having unclear explanations of assignments in the syllabus. 

4. Not knowing that some links for the readings do not work.

5. Not being able to meet during none office hours, to adjust to students schedules. 

The faculty makes learning easy by: 

1. Giving students ideas of what they expect in papers/projects.  

2. Giving students a heads up on what will be on exams. 

3. Informing students when to expect a pop-quiz.

4. Giving students a complete topic of what they should focus on for a paper/project 

5. Cutting class hour time down 


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