Blog Post #1

Hello! My name is Ana Patricia Bourgeois and I am currently doing a specialization in Communications Studies. I’m a music lover and a bookworm. Through my Latino roots, I enjoy dancing and simply live life. My interests are travelling, writing and modelling. I spend most of my time studying, working and sleeping.

My selfie consists of an image of myself modified for the purpose of one of my project in COMS. More specifically, for Visual Coms and Culture. This was for the ”self-portrait” assignment where we needed to represent one of the main theme of the class. In this case, ”advertising and consumers culture”.


My goal for this class is to learn how to be aware of other people perspective of the spaces, and at the same time, expand my creativity to see a space differently while being conscious of my body.

One of my favorite spaces would be my grandparents’ summer lake house in Alburgh, Vermont. The lake house is located right beside the Champlain Lake. It has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, a close patio where we eat, and a large outdoor patio where we sunbath. However, the best part is that they own a boat and a sea-doo. For this reason, I use my body in a way I would not normally use. I move around a lot; swimming, playing Frisbee on the beach, driving the sea-doo, etc. Doing all those things takes my mind elsewhere far from all the stress of school and the ”routine” cycle which is why I find it peaceful and relaxing. Plus, it’s summer!!!!! (My favorite season).

The five things faculty do that make learning hard is:

– Not giving students the right amount of assistance to develop their writing skills

– Not having the proper facilities and accommodations (e.g. lack of printers, computers, tables in CJ)

– When teachers don’t give proper feedback for a paper and don’t respond to emails

– When teachers assume that students have prior knowledge of everything

– When teachers don’t give the opportunity for students to discuss/ask questions

On the other hand, the five things faculty do that make it easy to learn is:

– When teachers explain clearly, are well prepared and uses examples

– When teachers are dynamic, enthusiastic, approachable and seems to enjoy teaching

– When teachers are fair in their method of evaluation

– When teachers are master of their subject and don’t need to read a powerpoint every class

– When teachers give the opportunity for student to be creative in their work


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