Blog Post 1: About Me

Hello, my name is Dori Julian. I’m from Fredericton, New Brunswick and am currently completing my second year of my Communication Studies undergraduate degree. I am very involved in Concordia’s community and am interested in the arts and culture community of Montreal as I volunteer for Fresh Paint Gallery, write for The Link, and work for Concordia as a Student Success Mentor.
I spend most of my time at school (either in class or at work), planning/working events for the gallery or work, interviewing, writing articles, hanging out with friends, and of course, watching New Girl or The Mindy Project, two of my favorite TV shows.
My goal for the class is to learn about different ways of thinking about bodies in relation to space. I also hope to develop my creativity and openness to new ideas as I engage with the course material and work through the assignments.
One of my favorite spaces is a lighthouse downtown, near the river flowing through my home town. This is one of my favorite spaces because there are usually some people walking by on the trail by the lighthouse, but not too many. In the summer, when it is sunny and warm, this space is a perfect spot to look across the river. It is a peaceful, beautiful space that makes me feel at home. It is ideal to be able-bodied in this space in order to walk around or sit down on the benches nearby. When the weather permits, I typically walk along the trail then have lunch on one of the benches.
Faculty make learning difficult by:
1. Not giving clear outlines of what is expected for assignments;
2. Speaking the entire lecture time without giving students a chance to discuss their ideas of the topic;
3. Shutting certain students opinions down when they do speak up in class;
4. Not giving enough feedback on assignments;
5. Not setting standard expectations for the entire class (ex: being “wishy-washy” about when and how assignments are due).
Faculty make it easy to learn by:
1. Setting realistic expectations for the weekly amount of work required;
2. Assigning engaging, creative projects and assignments;
3. When going over assigned readings, giving a quick, concise summary/break-down of what should be taken away from each reading;
4. Breaking up lecture time with discussion, activities, videos, etc.;
5. Giving clear outlines of what is expected for each assignment ahead of time.


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